You Can Be Too Thin

After my week of vomiting, no eating and non-stop fevers, I am down to 116.4.

I think I was 117 when I was 12 years old and in 7th grade, and then bounced around between 120-125 for my 20s and early 30s; but I never maintained the “teens”.

In my 40s, I teetered between140…145, and then I got sick. My highest weight was 182 and I thought my brain would explode over that, considering I am 5′. Obviously my focus was on losing weight vs. my cancer, so it was on to …Keto.

I had to cut out all carbs and sugar- which I did nicely; dropped 30 lbs in no time… and then came Chemo.

Chemo only recently started to pick up some speed in terms of side effects and now, I’m not hungry. My stomach has shrunk. Eating is a chore.

So while I am down to a weight that I could never imagine, it’s not pretty on me… under these circumstances.

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mom of 3
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