Two Old Farts

Today hubby and I went to Home Depot to return my broken detachable shower head. Since we’d ordered from BJs via Instacart but had a problem, I told him we should just go get the rest of the items that never arrived.

Now, hubby is wearing a boot since he broke his foot. …Remember when I had to go to the ER two times ago and hubby got out of the car 3 miles from our home just to avoid sitting there again? Well he was walking home and not watching where he was walking- which is wonderful for a blind man (he has RP) and he broke his foot.

Anyway, we walk into the entry and each grab a scooter to get the few things we needed.

Say whhhaa?

You read it! I, Miss Germaphobe, got onto a non-sanitized, public shopping vehicle… touched the handles and got my shit, not thinking of anything other than: I cannot walk.

Who are you?!

Mortified; that’s who I am. Absolutely disgusted with myself! You bet your bottom dollar that I came home, tossed my clothes into the washer and showered, once the realization of my actions registered.

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