I am off to MSK to meet with the head doctor in charge of all trials’ lung! That is correct, that trapeze swing analogy I wrote about a few months ago… well, I think I am ready to jump drugs.

If I am a candidate (I am) and the DIC (doctor in charge) (made it up) agrees that I should switch treatment plans, then I would come off of all of my medication and take one pill.

It sounds wonderful to go back to taking a one and done! No more having to get chemo every three weeks! I could (timing sucks) travel and not be tied to side effects or treatment. My blood pressure would come down and I would have my energy back.

Yes it would involve travel to the BA, but if I could get some of my life back…

Of course, there are a few other things that unfortunately could come back with all that… but I hear people are doing great on this drug.


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