My eldest cannot stand to be near me when I am using my iPhone. She can’t stand my pace… she can’t stand that my tabs are all open… and most especially dislikes when I cannot follow her mock speed instructions on a new anything. There are dozens more examples of me and anything technology, but those are enough for now.

The other evening she comes into my room to keep me company, turns on the TV and fills me in on her day. After a few moments just listening, I got too tired and told her I needed to sleep.

Me: (to child) I must sleep.

Child: Okay.

Me: (to TV) Siri, turn off Fire TV.

Me: (louder) Siri! Turn off Fire TV.

Me: (What in the what is going on here!) HEY SIRI! TURN OFF FIRE TV.

Child: (disdain in her eyes narrowed on me) I believe you mean Alexa.

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mom of 3
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