Hand Held Shower Head

My baby fishers are now replaced by hemms. Actually, they could be an addition to the fish, I am not 100% correct. I am 100% that I will never go back to the ass doctor even if I catch a whale on my ass.

That being said, I cannot believe after my surgery in July that I am still having problems in that department. Worse of all, my Ninja Mama is just not cutting it for me.

It feels like I am wiping a newborn boy, one side, the other…

And I am done with Prep H. I am now using A&E (for my infant) and some other type of ointment sure to help. (It’s not helping).

Me: I cannot keep going through baby wipes like this.

Hubby: You’re disgusting.

Me: I mean it, it takes forever.

Hubby: Do you want me to vomit?

Me: I think it’s time for a toilet attachment.

Hubby: Let’s start with a shower head.

….I come back from Home Cheapo, and he installs it. In fact, he is the first to shower with it.

Hubby: (In the shower) This is the best shower head! The pressure is better than our old one.

…but then I hear what sounds like a spit.

Me: (vomiting in my mouth) Ewww, you don’t spit in my shower!!

Hubby: I won’t spit if you don’t shit in the shower.

And just like that, I was humbled.

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