You Have Got To Be Kidding

My biggest fear of flying was my legs swelling and me getting a blood clot. Thus, I wore my 20-30 compression socks and did my best to wiggle my piggies every so often.

I was fortunate to not have someone in the window seat, so I moved to that spot.

Before the flight took off, I noticed the entire row was empty! I was going to quickly get up and move to that row, until I noticed someone else quickly claim it.

Fast forward, I am beginning to think my legs should be elevated, so I placed my carry on under the middle seat and tried to place my ass as far up to the window as possible. To no avail, the bag would only reach my calves and not feet.

Meanwhile, across the row…

Wiggling of toes in blue sock

Better view blue sock

Needless to say, this healthy, old man put both his legs up, took off his shoes and wiggled his GD-feet.

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mom of 3
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