The Girl With The Left Foot

Well, if there is a 1% chance of something going wrong… we can all rest assured it will happen to me.

During my stereotactic radiation, I didn’t move, yet somehow… the beams managed to damage several areas on my spine, causing swelling. Now, I found out about the swelling via an MRI and the only reason I got the MRI is because I was falling.

Now, sadly enough, I knew I was not falling from a brain tumor… as I did two years ago. The first time I fell down the last four of my stairs out of nowhere. There wasn’t a warning; I didn’t feel any twitching.

At first, I thought I may have skipped the step but hours later, I tripped again, this time going up. To make a long story short, my left leg has zero strength from the swelling.

After the doctors consulted with a medical review team, I was given two options for trying to get this under control.

The first choice is to take a very high dose of steroids for two weeks and pray for no horrific side effects. The second choice is to spend one and a half hours a day for forty (say what?) days in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber with the hopes that the insanely high dose of oxygen will heal my back.

So… which do you think I chose?

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