The Answer

I chose the pills. But the thing is, I am finally away! I can never get away because I am always at a doctor’s appointment or getting chemo. I could only go after a scan and a treatment, so time is limited.

Currently I am in sunny Flada and the weather has finally warmed up! I was going to start the fourteen day cycle of pills and avoid the sun and alcohol (and no, I don’t really drink but its the principle) but then I thought, when do I ever get to be Hans Solo in SOBE? So, I’ll wait until I return… and just take them during chemo…this way, I can ascertain lava from my ass (which btw has a set of testicles again).

…Besides, I shouldn’t be taking the steroids while on antibiotics… because this ole lady has her third UTI in one month, thank you very much. And, as one may know… with UTIs one can neither swim nor be in the sun, so move over testes and take that up the ass!

Well, there you have it! I would rather shit urine than be in some see through coffin getting pumped up with oxygen on steroids… that is, after I return from stellar vacation watching TV inside.

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mom of 3
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