When the flight landed and I was stuck knee-standing in my window seat, waiting for the fronters to get the hell off, Lisa was staring directly at me. Naturally, I pretended I had no peripheral sight until she tapped me on the shoulder.

Loud Mouth Lisa: You know, I am sorry if I offended you so much you had to yell at me. I pray you get healed and enjoy your time in Flada.

Me: (Hmm) (head nod)

…Meanwhile, when it is my row, I hightail it out of there and find my mother and walker waiting for me. It was going to be a few more minutes until the wheel chair would arrive to take me to baggage claim.

That meant that I would be seeing LML walk off the plane. …And when she did, she made a b-line towards me and said…

LML: (handing me my hem seat) You forgot this- I hope you really do get better.

Mother: (awww) That is so kind of you; thank you!

Me: (see below)

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mom of 3
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