CNN Interviews Hamlin’s Doctors

While driving to chemo, my mom was listening to the lead doctor on Hamlin’s medical team. The questions wanted to know every which way he was and what the doctor thought.

So I decided, since I am out, what would my press conference be like?

ABC: Principal X, When Rochelle said she’d be out for six weeks, will she be having treatment?

Principal X: She will be having treatment so that she can resume her position on the team.

CBS: Thank you for taking my question. When Rochelle said she would be out for six weeks, did she sound like she needed the full six weeks to recover or is this precautionary?

Principal X: This is so she can have a full recovery.

NBC: Again, thank you for informing us on Rochelle’s whereabouts. When she will be having treatment, do you think it could effect her ability to function as she did prior to the injury?

Principal X: I believe she will need to go at the pace that’s best for her, but she is working with physical therapists daily to regain her strength.

CNN: I want to thank you for taking my question. Do you feel that the amount of time Rochelle is doing her physical therapy, will be enough for her to jump back into the rigors of the classroom?

Principal X: I think Rochelle knows the demands of the team, and she has already shown her determination to get stronger every day.

…No further questions.

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