The other day I had another MRI- this one was very last minute.

It started with me having some falls- like, while walking or going down the stairs. The good news is I knew it was not my brain because unlike those falls, these didn’t blind my eyes.

In any event, my radiation oncologist thought that perhaps the cancer was on a nerve on my spinal cord… and that became worse than brain mets. His second thought was it was from the radiation that I’d had… where only two people before me had ever had the same symptoms.

So off it was to the testing center, where the woman who greeted me asked, “have you ever had an MRI?” Bitch, please.

After dressing and sitting in the holding cell, it was time to walk to the MRI. Now, I am not sure what other people get MRIs at this cancer hospital, but twice my leg gave up on the long hike.

You should all know that I am no longer medicated for these 45 minutes, in a headlock, within an MRI, but having to lay inside it for an extra fifteen minutes while my doctor looks at the images, did put me over my limits.

In the end, it is not a tumor but several herniated discs and the radiation causing my leg to buckle every now and again.

I can’t wait to see what my 50s bring.

Gray Is The New Black

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