Autism Farts

My eldest has been asking us to have her tested for autism. She feels that she is unlike her peers and checks off many of the boxes.

Repeatedly, she will come into our room and remind us that she would like to be tested because.

Each time, we tell her to stop looking for problems. Every day there is another pressing concern that needs a doctor’s attention and her list of doctors is almost as long as mine!

This evening, after getting tutored, she came into my room and this was the conversation.

Kid: (comes in hysterical laughing) I can’t have him come back again.

Me: That’s great.

Hubby: Why can’t he come back again?

Kid: Because I farted.

Me: Kid!!

Kid: …And I told him I did!

Hubby: Why would you do that?

Me: Because she’s autistic.

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