My Blood Rannith Over

Not so recently, whenever I get my blood drawn (every three weeks), it takes longer for my blood to stop flowing under the bandage.

Anyhow, this past week I had the pleasure of schlepping to the ER since I had a high fever and had been vomiting.

While there, I got an IV full of fluids and some tests.

PS, when it’s time to go home, the nurse removes the IV, puts on a gauze bandage and tells me to put some pressure on it.

So, I get dressed, grab my overnight bag and my mom and I begin to walk out of our wing. While walking through a very quiet section, I stop and say to my mom…

Me: I feel somethings wet…

Ma: (Looks at my hand) You’re bleeding!

Me: (Rip arm from sleeve) What the hell is that?!

Ma: Omg, we need to get the nurse…

Random nurse: (Sees the blood GUSHING) Oh that’s okay, I’ll just give you a bandaid.

*I looked like I was walking into the ER, not out, and she wanted to give me a bandaid for the faucet of blood coming from my IV hole?

Ma: It’s okay, we’ll just go see the other nurse so she can take a look at it.

RN: Oh that? That happens a lot! I’ll just get you some wipes and bandaid, and you’ll be fine.

Me: (to ma) We’re going to have to come back through the front and wait again!

Ma: Great, now you’ll need a transfusion.

Needless to say, next time your drain is leaking, just use some gauze and tape.

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