woMAN Down

My doctor was not happy that I lost another six pounds, making my total weight loss nearly (if not) 50 lbs. And while she brought out the host of other reasons surrounding my loss, I was happy.

Now some will ask, Rochelle, are you still doing Keto? To that I would reply, ish. I don’t necessarily avoid all bread or fruits… but I do set limits… and that is, when I have an appetite.

And before you say, “well as soon as you stop watching, it will all come back…” I will tell you that my side effects from chemo have decided to contribute to my plight.

You see, the past few sessions of chemo have caused vomiting a few days later. Not extensive puking but enough to make me not want to eat again. And yesterday’s double episode was just the impetus to avoid food and drinks at all costs, today.

Probably not the best reaction since I am also taking an anti-biotic for a sinus infection… which could be why today I thought, I don’t know how much longer I can manage.

But only because the radiation and the sinus pills cause massive D, which only aggravates Mr. and Mrs. Assberry and there was zero way I’d ever use a public bathroom… so that caused greater stomach pain which then ignited my gag reflex for another bout of bile… and all before third period!

Coincidentally, today a woman from HR reached out to me via email, to check on my inquiry of taking some time off,,, while dabbling in the same convo with my psychiatrist.

Lastly, if getting into bed at 3:45pm and sleeping til the next day, doesn’t scream REST, I don’t know what does.

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