The Bear Was Stabbed

I wonder if when my doctor said, “I’m worried about the weight loss each week,” she meant to add….”because the drug quantities will show differently.”

Yep, I am thinking, now that its day three eating a baked potato and vomiting, that perhaps my strong girth had provided a sort of barrier to my stomach.

I would imagine it would be similar to alcohol and tolerance. The heavier the person- as well as the person who’s built a nice relationship with the drug compared to someone who is at least 50 lb less, that the tolerance level might be effected.

Whatever it is, this is not at all what I asked for. Nobody said to me, “do you want to be thin or do you want to never get dressed in your cute clothes again?”

Needless to say, I suppose it was one too many pokes to the bear.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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