Negative Nellies

For Black Friday I decided to spend three hours in the chemo recliner. Since it was the day after Thanksgiving, it was even less crowded. Unfortunately for me, Trudy of Notre Dame had to pick my port.

Anyhow, with only one other guest, I was able to have hubby keep me company. While sitting 7 feet from this other person, it was hard to ignore the conversation she and the nurse were having.

*The entire dialogue is happening simultaneously between the nurse and the girl; hubby and me.

Nurse: (to young girl) So when do you go back to college?

Girl: (to nurse) Well I have another doctor’s appointment Monday so probably Tuesday.

Me: (to hubby) Shame.

Hubby: (to me) What’s happening in this world?

Nurse: What are you studying?

Girl: Business but I’m not sure what I want to be.

Hubby: She has no idea does she?

Me: Nope; her future is over.

Nurse: I didn’t know what kind of nurse I wanted to be so I just took a lot of courses. You should try a little bit of everything until you know what you want to be.

Me: Uh…. dead’s what I’m thinking.

Hubby: Wow, she has no future.

Nurse: Well, your iron transfusion is finished and hopefully this will give you more engery.

Hubby: Uh…. iron…. so no chemo?

Me: Oh gee, we read that one wrong.

Needless to say, I learned that not everybody sits there for chemo; the girl will have a future and the nurse who dabbled in all arenas is a sick ef for choosing oncology.

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