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Shall we get up to speed on the shit show starring moi?

My scans showed progression on my spine to another central area- the reason I am limping and why it hurts to walk.

We decided to check in with Georgetown – despite the fact that otherwise, my medicine is working elsewhere.

He is BFF with Sloan and knows of a phase one trial that I would be a candidate for. He ordered another liquid biopsy to determine if I still have Ros-1 or if another cancer is chiming in. The results from that biopsy will be back on or by 11/28/2022.

If I am still showing my mutation then I have some options:

  1. Continue with the chemo and pill since it is keeping the rest of my body stable.
  2. Get on the phase 1 trial which is showing promising hope for the other dying people

Now, for option 2, time is ticking in the sense that I would be able to “get in” now, but at some point in the next few months (unknown but likely 1-2) I will not qualify.

Here is what I picture my decision is like…

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