Today I was awoken at 2:10 pm from the evening prior- apparently I did need to sleep. In any event, I realized that I needed to go and get bloodwork for my Black Friday chemo event and quickly showered and dressed.

Since my middle needed to also get bloodwork, she and hubby came with.

Typically, I will wake up and get to the hospital by 7am in order to beat the crowds, so this afternoon at the ripe hour of 3:24 pm, I figured I should make haste.

Unfortunately, my give a shit, I’m too tired to care, don’t feel well attitude played a hand at my decision to plow ahead and not swerve for the suicidal squirrel who decided to cross when I’ve no doubt he saw me coming… caused it to limp the rest of the way across the street.

In years past, I would sooner hit a pole or call my friends in devastation if I saw a dead anything in the road- but not today.

That’s right, today I figured, it’s survival of the fastest, until I looked over at my child who gasped at me with shock and a look of disgust.

Please don’t tell your sister.”

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mom of 3
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