Rotisserie Rochelle

Today happened. I worked in the morning, stopped home to pick up hubby and then was off to Bubbie’s so we could all go down to Penn.

Once there, I got my restaurant “beeper” and sat amongst the living dead. Now, since I knew what to expect, I sat scrolling through emails until I was called to the back.

There, I was given orders on how to put on the two robes- remembering this time to put the first one on covering me front, and was told to wait in the waiting room.

After around ten minutes, the nurse came to walk me down the very long and white hallway- to Linac 5.

Two things to note: I had to walk the equivalent of one city block to the very end…. when I was there to get radiation for my spine (aka… why I cannot walk). The second thing is, the hallway when I had to walk back from radiation, reminded me of those movies where the person dies and is in a hospital gown, walking from location to location waiting for the “next” step.

Once in Linac 5… the 5th room, I entered a small maze to get to the radiation table. There waiting for me was my blue mold for me to enter. Unfortunately for me, I was a lot skinnier last week when fitted and I had a much more difficult time getting into it.

Within several minutes of being readjusted to the laser, I was left alone to not move a millimeter (you know, for fear of puncturing my bowels with this targeted, heavy dose of r.)

While the process took about twenty five minutes, holding on to my “ring” for dear life made it feel somewhat longer. The good thing was, I still had to hang on two more times.

Changing room
Long walk
As if I’m walking to the beach
Blue cast to be still

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