Looking back on my childhood, I suppose I could place the first time I experienced misophonia. May….be I was in first or second grade and we were dining with my family at our usual Chung Hing restaurant and my mom-mom ordered spare ribs. I do recall that later that evening my pop-pop yelled at both me and my sister for possibly making fun of how she was eating it/possibly talking with food. I could be wrong… but the evidence below pans out.

In any case typically when I’m within close quarters of someone else eating- depending on their level of self-awareness, I could go from zero to one hundred like that!

How would that look? …Well, I would start turning and staring at the chewer, I would make angry faces at them and/or I would start talking very loudly that the person near me is chewing too loudly!

The following is a brief list of noises that bother me:

Breathing through one’s nose. That includes breathing/eating simultaneously.

Swallowing (anything) while on the phone (Cat)

Chewing. Chewing and breathing and talking

Gum clicking- zero tolerance

Gums smacking

The sound of the “clicking” the mouse makes

The aklszjflkasdjfiodjfioljfkl when someone types!

Today, I was out of my mind…

Turn volume up

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