Best Times to Die

My mother and I were going to a shiva, when I discussed that it wasn’t the best time to die. So it got me to thinking of acceptable times one could die, where it wouldn’t be as much of an inconvenience. Below are some times that I feel are the least offensive.

Any time after the Jewish holidays but before October 25th. This way if the kids have to come home, they won’t miss their Halloween festivities.

The Monday or Tuesday (before 12pm) of Thanksgiving week, or any time after Black Friday.

December is open up until December 20th- you know, since people go away…

Resuming Mid-April due to the dreariness of the atmosphere/raininess – any time before the Wednesday of Memorial day.

The Tuesday after Memorial day – any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (before 12pm) in the summer but up until the Wednesday (before 12pm) the week of Labor Day.

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