Bedhead Blues

I’ve become so good at determining when someone is either lying or when someone is thinking about how they should respond.

It is something so small, so quick, that if you’re not paying attention to the person’s expressions or reactions, you wouldn’t notice.

The other day while at my doctor’s office, my mother and I were waiting to be called back. Typically, my person is bubbly or visually reassuring with her smile and “let’s go back,” directive.

Not Thursday. Nope, her head was lower and it was more of a deflated greeting. Thankfully I’d been tipped off by MyFuckingChart the day prior. I’d been so busy changing my passwords so that my mother/hubby would not look at my results, that I failed to also turn off the notifications.

Nonetheless, I noticed the change in her greeting and went back.

Her scribe was in the room, a young man with his hair in that stuck sleep position- where I could see how he must’ve been sleeping on his pillow. I noticed this because while sitting back in the room with everyone, I kept thinking that I will never see my son’s head that way at the same age as this scribe. I’ve seen his hair like that nowadays when he wakes up, but I won’t have the opportunity to see his young adult head. …Nor any late teen head, but I digress.

Anyhow… that thought drifted in my head somewhere before the “Iceberg! Iceberg!” comment that I made the fatal mistake of saying this:

So it really is five years, isn’t it?

And not that one really knows the timeline… the room fell silent for too many milliseconds to dispute otherwise.

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