There is something to be said when grown ups are asked to change into gowns and wait. Case in point: last week I had to change into a hospital gown.

Male person in scrubs: Hi, my name is Tim and I’m going to be your technician today. Have you had an MRI before?

Me: (Already annoyed by such a stupid question from a fucking moron idiot) Really?

Idiot: Take everything off, put the robe on like a robe and then the extra arm hole goes like this (shows me). Find a locker and….bla bla bla

So there I was, placing my personal items into a plastic bag and then into some locker, waiting in a room filled with other maudlin looking people, imagining if this is how it felt in the Holocaust.

And then it hit me, while I always relate situations to the Shoah, I could compare it to… perhaps… a prison intake room.

And just like that, I felt a little bit better whilst looking around at the other patrons waiting to be processed.

#Small goals.

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