Iceberg! Iceberg! Straight Ahead!

Well, my scans are done. Last week I had the pleasure of flopping from hospital to hospital so that I could once again participate in Russian Roulette of body parts. You know that game… the one where you’re playing with a loaded gun but you don’t know when it’s going to go off?

Click. Click.

Well, a’hoy me mates because according to my oncologist, “I’m afraid we’re at the tip of the Iceberg.”

I knew eventually things would turn south so to speak… or, quite literally. The cancer is growing wings in my lower hip and sacrum (wherever that is) which is why I am full throttle in my buggy and walking slower. Plus, they don’t call it cancer for nothing… let alone, the highest stage, so, you know.

Any who… while I will never ask for timelines again… it seems this Titanic is right on course.

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