Who Needs Tik Tok?

I had to pull away from facebook because I’ve found myself bird watching suggested friends.

Tonight, while swiping left, it started out as just “checking” to see if I did indeed know the person. I mean, does anyone really have enough friends? Anyhow, I started looking at each pixel to see if I knew anyone and sometimes I would just look at the name… but no bells were rung.

Then I moved onto analyzing the different profile pictures. Family profile pics are very lovely… looks like everyone gets along… onto the single photos … mostly just women as if they’re on the cover of Travel and Leisure or Allure. Some of them pretty…

Obviously the pics with pets are my fav… unless the dog in said photos looks like they need conditioner… probably wouldn’t be happy to know that their owner posted a bad one of them.

And only after using my forensic skills to determine who our “one mutual friend,” was by going through each of their pages…..(and even the friend wouldn’t know me from the next person), I noticed that I was just reading old posts and scrolling through their feed, deciding for myself if I did indeed want to add this person to my repertoire… like some horrible commandant from Schindler’s, that I had to pull away… to inquire if anyone else falls down these rabbit holes, contemplating other people’s lives and their appeared happiness and then judging their choice of profile pic… ’cause I’ve got nothing else pressing to do.

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