What’s His Name?

The other day my daughter had a new doctor appointment. The important factor is that she had a doctor’s appointment.

Me: Hi

Bubbie: Hi Sweetheart, how was school?

Me: Fine.

Bubbie: What are the kids up to?

Me: I’m taking #1 to a doctor’s appointment.

Bubbie: Oh really? What’s wrong?

Me: bla bla bla….

Bubbie: Oh okay.

Me: It’s fine, she’s fine.

Bubbie: What’s the name of her doctor?

Me: (and just like that) Does it matter? Do you know these types of doctors?

Bubbie: Maybe….

So today, I was on FT with my mother since she was having lunch with my nephew and this happened.

Me: Hi.

Bubbie: Hi Sweetheart, you on a break?

Me: Yes.

Bubbie: How’s it going?

Me; Good.

Bubbie: Do you have anything after school?

Me: The kids have a dentist appointment.

Bubbie: Who’s their dentist?

Needless to say, I hung up.

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