Just Say It!

My middle has this entitlement issue where if she burps in public, she does not need to address it. A few Shabbats ago while all sitting round Bubbie’s table, my child let one out. Now, what was most offensive was not the burp itself, but the disregard for an “excuse me.”

Fast forward to more recently at the same table with the same family members and she does it again.

Middle: BURP.

me: OMG, again?

Middle: (laughing)

Me: Say, “excuse me!”

Middle: No-ah

Me: Yes, say excuse me!

Middle: (stares at me) it was an accident.

Me: Then say excuse me!

Bubbie: Middle, just say excuse me.

Aunt D: Really, just say excuse me.

Middle: It’s silly to say it now, it happened a while ago already.

Me: Just say it and we can move on.

Uncle C: Really, you need to say it.

Bubbie: Just say, “excuse me.”

Needless to say, like the Mossad she wouldn’t break.

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