ABC NEWS LIVE- Hurricane Ian

I just cannot stand idiots; between the shmucks who thought they could weather the storm or the newscasters.

This evening, while I prefer to remain ignorant to news, hubby had it on. Despite trying not to listen, I simply couldn’t stop.

Reporter: What was going through your head when the governor told you to evacuate?

Shmuck: I thought, well… I’ve weathered storms before so I can handle this one.

Reporter: How is this storm different?

Shmuck: Well, the water just came so fast, so un-expectantly.

Now, even having little knowledge of this hurricane, fine, no knowledge of it and I had to ask my son the name of it, if I am told to evacuate: I’m out.

….. The second interviewee….

Reporter: Did you have any damage to your house?

Woman: (Spanish speaking) Yes, lots of it,

Reporter: Well, at least you’re all okay; isn’t that what matters?

Me: Nope and Fuck you for assuming my things mean nothing.

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