When Then?

My mother and I were talking about when is a good time to die, since I was about to have chemo and then drive to Jersey for a Shiva.

She was concerned for me running around post chemo. So, I came up with plausible times one could die without the inconvenience. For example, Labor Day weekend would be on the cusp of not acceptable but yet doable… with most being inconvenienced for having to give up a long weekend at the shore.

Therefore, here are some of the more appropriate times one (thinking significant family member) could die, where the survivors would be less inconvenienced.

  1. The week in between schools ending and camp beginning.
  2. The three weeks between camp ending and schools beginning.
  3. The Wednesday-Friday of Halloween week.
  4. During spring break (unless you have college age children)
  5. The month of May- barring Memorial Day week (unless they died Thursday before 12pm)

Again, those are just a few that I’ve thought of off the top of my head, otherwise the attendees will be the ones dropping the casket in the grave.

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