She’s Rubber, I’m Glue

The other day en route to the geriatric center, my mother and I were talking about her cousin and how she could have possibly died (48 hours earlier). She was only eighteen months older than my mother and had been health conscious from day one.

Although I found out after the fact that she had previously had a stroke, I kept thinking: heart attack. My cousin had told me her mom had not been feeling well for a few days and that evening, would have taken her to the hospital.

In any event…

Me: You should see a cardiologist.

Mother: I don’t have heart issues.

Me: How do you know?

Mother: For one, I don’t have high blood pressure.

Me: There could be blockage that you don’t know about.

Mother: I don’t have plaque.

Me: (noticing I’m feeling nauseated) I have plenty of doctors in my Roladex for you; I think you should go. …By the way, in case I forget, I’m feeling a little nauseated so if I still am after the chemo, it wasn’t the chemo.

Fast forward to my consult with my onc.

Onc: I’m a little concerned with your blood pressure; 160/95.

Mother: (looks at me) Maybe you should see the cardiologist.

…So, since nausea is a symptom of a heart attack… my week will include a trip to my cardiologist.

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