Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Last week began the migration to the new office space. An email from our boss came out that “nobody should choose a desk, until all your space mates arrive.”

Sounded appropriate. Wise, in fact.

However, the folks in my suite heard differently, for when I arrived, one (refraining here) lady had unpacked all but her underwear and placed another’s boxes at a desk.

*Now, I admit, I am not always a follower of rules…. at times. As the new employee though, I adhere to rules at all times. Therefore, upon seeing the situation of the unpacking prior to all in attendance, I was (to say the very least) perturbed.

When all my mates where accounted for, I waited for the others to choose and then decided that the best location for me would be where the “boxes” were.

*Things to note: I need to keep a scooter plugged in and hoped to keep it out of all’s way.

**These new mates don’t know my struggles are real.

Me: Who’s boxes are these?

B: Those are x’s.

Me: Where is she?

B: She’ll be here next week.

Me: (MF) I’m going to sit here then.

B: She would like to sit there.

Me: She was not supposed to pick until we all were here.

B: Okay… so you should email her to tell her.

*Things to know about me: Don’t tell me what to do (ever). Don’t assume because I may look new, that I am. I’ve worked at the company for 23 years and that woman is the new one.

Me: Naw, I don’t think I have to.

B: It’s the right thing to do.

*My patience is depleted when others imply they know best.

Me: Nah, she’ll find another.

B: Just email a heads up.


Needless to say, I don’t foresee anymore issues coming my way from anyone.

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