Once again, I had to take my lenses to the optical shop for a readjustment.

I repeat: I had to take my lenses to the optical shop. Not the DMV, not the Post Office, not the hospital, not a doctor’s office…. I had to take them to a store selling/repairing glasses. …A different connotation than trying to meet with the Dean of Students.

Woman with Stick Up Her: Hello.

Me: Hi, I need to get my glasses readjusted again.

Biatch: Do you have an appointment?

It was at this moment where I thought my head would spin round like a Carousel.

Me: I’m sure this will only take a moment.

Lady: It’s just that we’ve started to go by appointments.

…Now, this place is never busy. In fact, I’m the only person that I see… who doesn’t work there. And to show you that I’m not making this shit up….

I guess she wants to schedule appointments so that she knows when she can go on break…

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