Dead. Dead?

My eldest is always asking for another pet, We’ve had guinea pigs, hamsters, birds… and of course, dogs.

Anyhow, she had this hamster and right before she came home from camp, I was cleaning its cage when it bit me.

Now, not sure why I was the foreman in charge of cleaning and replacing hamster bedding, but I was.

While holding the animal, it bit me and my brain said: fling it off.

Thus, I flung it to get its teeth to release from my skin and it hit the wall, then fell.

Dead. So sad, but it bit me.

Shortly after that incident and prior to her coming home, I bought another. A few days later while checking on it…., he too was dead.

Flash forward to today. My daughter and I were watching TikTok; we were scrolling through the feeds. Suddenly, one feed came on about hamsters… and how sometimes they look like they’re dead when they’re in hiberfuckingnation.

Needless to say, bonding time was over.

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