Optical Shop

On a scale of 1-10, how busy would you think eye glass shops get? Think of small mom and pop optical stores…

Twice now, I’ve gone to the shop and have been greeted with this:

Bitch: Do you have an appointment?

Me: (Looking around; nobody in sight) Uh-no.

Bitch: (Looks at watch; then looks towards the door) I have an appointment coming any minute, but I can try to help you fast.

Now… each time I’ve “popped” in for something, nobody is there waiting to be helped and two women are working.

Additionally, I’ve seen the same vacuumed patterns in tact!

Lastly, I hate being lied to and I give two shits if she had an appointment… as this is money in the hand.

Me: I didn’t realize you were that busy that you needed an appointment. I’m sure you can quickly help; all I need is for you to replace this lens that I bought back in March.

Bitch: (Annoyed hmmf) You don’t want to replace both of them; I’m not sure the lenses will match otherwise.

Me: (Pushing a sale when there is zero scratch on the one lens?) I’m feeling lucky, after all… I was able to squeeze in right before your appointment.

Meanwhile, I was there for eight minutes, not one person ran in apologizing for being late, and don’t lie to me just because you want me to make an appointment in the future!

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