I spent hundreds of hours dreying over how to incorporate my son’s chosen colors: orange and purple (or as I call them, vomit and yuck) into his logo.

When I finally decided I could work with purple, I layered it over black and voila: my work could begin.

Searching the web for ideas on the layout, I found one that I loved and bought the license to use it in my design. After several more hours and hours, I had everything just as I wanted and was ready for the next step: coming up with a way to make centerpieces from it.

Hours. And each time I worked, I thought to myself, “wow, this is fantastic.”

Different. Unique. Modern.

So I started to look at invitations online and I wanted to begin designing with the logo.

While perusing through many invitations, I fell down a rabbit hole of looking at the maker of these unique invites. Then, I started looking at her one of a kind logos and while I loved mine, I emailed to ask her a question, then another and another.

In short, $200 later she took the logo I designed and created a format for me to be able to make the invitations I wanted to make, as well as have the ability to make my own swag.

The ideas were popping! I was on Etsy and asking vendors if they could do this or that… then I was seeking companies myself to see if I could get materials cut to the size I wanted. I was on YouTube watching videos on how to cut my Vinyl so that I could create a large size logo and after hours of trying to perfect my canvas, I saved it and decided to wait.

In the meantime, I took the logo and created a photo mosaic with all the pictures from the montage shell I created and paid premium for the best printing and video quality.

After weeks of no communication from my son, even though he’d gotten letters of me talking about the logo, montage, colors, etc. I said to him, “would you like to see what I’ve done?”

Son: Yeah, but I don’t care about the colors; you can do whatever you want.

Knife in my heart. I had to work with my hands tied behind my back due to the horrific colors he has been insisting on for years and now I could choose?

So, I show him the logo… my other baby… and after ten seconds he says:

Son: (Looks) ….Where’s the line in the “A”?

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  1. RR, what am I missing?

    “Have a safe and wonderful day!”




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