Dem Bones

Today I had two cortisone (mixed with something else) shots placed into the essential area of my Bursistis. For those who don’t know what that is, that’s the cousin to Arth.

Anyway, what it means for me is that I cannot put dishes away on a shelf taller than just below my shoulders. I can’t do my hair without flipping it over where I can reach and then grabbing what I can to make a pony on whichever side I can reach that day. #ReasonTwo4Wig.

In any event, the doctor came in, felt around and there was no pain where he touched. I tried to tell him where the pain was… and he just “hmmf” me.

He told my mother instead of the 40 mg shot I would be getting 80.

Me: You know I’m thinner now…

Dr: Yeah, doesn’t matter much.

Me: Do you have something in the middle… .like 60 mg?

Dr: We don’t have it in stock.

Me: (looking at mother)

Mother: What are the side effects?

Dr: The typical ones… infection, bleeding…

Mother: Bleeding where?

Dr: At the site…

Me: (hmmmf) K. So have you ever looked through the ultra sound and not seen anything and tell the patient they don’t need to have shots

Dr: (hesitation 1 millisecond) No, because it will help as long as its in the area where the pain is.

And just like that, I closed my eyes and gave caution to the wind.

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