95 Minutes

It could have been more. My mother and I waited outside of Radiology in the crowded hallways with the schleppers for an Ex-ray… aka: I knew it would be a waste of time.

It all started last night when I had a small fever (100.7) and I texted my Onc. Actually, at first I had to have her paged since I put her into my cell under a contact name I wouldn’t use frequently. I tried every search effort to find her contact as I knew I’d had it, but to no avail, I used the system. It was when she returned my call that I saw what I put for her name: First Oncologist TE Mobile.

Side note: I can’t remember Jack, and for me to keep her cell in my phone, removing the original name from my Favorites, so I wouldn’t accidentally call her when I meant to call her office, and make some crazy “code name” I would never have remembered, was ridiculous. Needless to say, she wanted me to test for pneumonia.

So we waited in the hall while …the staff on a power trip decided to call people when they felt like it.

Now you may say, Rochelle, that’s not how it works… hospitals get busy and backed up. Well… they weren’t because when I finally went in to inquire my timeline after the people avoided me at all costs (bitches) I was told there were two people in front of me.

But you see… nobody was being called in any of their waiting areas because I was hallway monitoring like it was my job and nobody was called anywhere.

Miraculously I was called back ten minutes later and finished my ray in two minutes.

Backed up my ass… but they sure were ……!

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