70s Kids

Here are just a few things from my childhood that have affected me to this day…

Quicksand. I was always worrying about being trapped in quicksand, to the point I read about how you can survive it if you lay down flat. As if I would trust that bit of info on the net… but I can tell you part of my neurosis is from TV shows involving a story or two on quicksand.

Kidnappings. At the ripe old age of 49, I still worry about being kidnapped. To go further into this issue, I worry if anyone would call in a ransom.

Tossing real footballs- I am afraid it will break my nose because I won’t be able to catch it.

Whenever I go hiking, I drop food particles just in case I need to find my way out. Sure, I don’t consider wind factor or animals eating it- but I still do it.

Lastly, before I go to bed I look around at my walls to make sure there isn’t a huge, black tarantula waiting to kill me.

So basically the Brady Bunch, Without a Trace and whatever horror cartoon had quicksand, has left me scarred for life.

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