Self Checkout

Allow me to preface this: If you are slow in any way, shape or form… then just be patient and wait in the lines where there is a cashier to set you on your way.

Today, middle and I were at the market, grabbing just three items when I noticed the self checkout lines were deep into the aisles. Knowing that there was a separate lane on the other side of the market, we quickly ran to there.

Unfortunately for me, an elderly lady who was also vying for the lane, stumbled upon it a quick second before. And being elderly, she was too consumed with her entire cart full of food to notice that I was only carrying three tiny items that would not take as long- where is the xx humanity??

So, I looked at the next lane which was also self checkout and there was a younger, older woman… but I could see that she also had a lot of items and was also constantly ringing the bell for help.

I told my daughter to stand behind her and I stood behind the older lady and whomever finished first… that’s the line I would use.

Now, many thoughts ran through my head as I watched geri try to scan her items one by one… with one hand… and then with the same one hand, she would place it in the bagging area. Not two hands… no, she used ONE HAND AND EACH SCAN WAS SLOW AND DELIBERATE.

So much so that I actually contemplated jail time from watching the painstakingly slow women not know how to use the effing scanner!!

I kept calling over the divider to my daughter to ask if her lady was almost done and she couldn’t even speak! She, too was equally frustrated by the delicate manner in which those two women tried to find the fucking barcodes on each package of food.

Unfortunately, I really lost it when I saw my woman had a stickerless zucchini.

Me: You shouldn’t be in this aisle with your size cart! You cannot just whimsically scan your items when this is supposed to be a fast lane!!!!!

Needless to say, I am still rattled.

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