Wedding Reels

The other evening I got caught in the trap of watching Insta wedding reels. Apparently it seems as if you watch one… more will show up (…or, that’s how it works and I’m just special.) In any event, I was watching videos of the grooms’ reactions when the door of their churches open and they see their beloved.

A few things to mention…

I am guessing the two wedding did not see each other for more than 24 hours given the dramatic reactions the men had… or they just really loved the person walking towards them.

All of these men were just gorgeous- poo poo poo gorgeous.

Lastly, every single man cried, almost uncontrollably or they had the “shocked” look/cry of wow… she’s beautiful, I can’t believe how lucky I am.

Rewind 17 years to when hubby first saw me… not a tear was shed, no look of wow, or omg! Perhaps I could attribute it to the long week leading up to our nuptials, given the pre-divorce who gets what conversations the eve of?

Regardless, no tears were shed upon seeing me and now I’m annoyed.

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