I know that hindsight is 20/20. I get that I had a complaint at my daughters’ camp and that nothing is perfect. But with my hindsight vision I can say that their camp is perfection. The land is beautiful; the bunks are neatly arranged where girls are on one side facing the lake and the boys are on the other; same view.

The bunks are cleaned by a service but there is no cell service, no electronic anything and they certainly want for nothing while there.

In the evenings at the girls’ camp, the counselors have an official meeting and discuss the day, the campers and any situations that may have occurred. In short, the owner knows who was constipated and what that kid ate the days prior.

Not at my son’s camp. In fact, while I used to say my girls’ director was like a Drill Sergeant, my son’s reminds me of a teenager- home alone without his parents for the weekend, who is inviting people over to party.

What makes me say that, you wonder? Well…. I was watching some camp reels from both camps and one screamed, Lord of the Flies. Plus, my son’s bunkmate told his mother he sold something to get coins for the (wait for it) vending machine.

Before you say, well if your son likes it then that’s what matters…. I say, he would like anything!

***I’m done. Not saying another word about it.

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