Mall Cop

Today the housekeepers came- this time without the owner. Now, they get $60 an hour for three hours; I know. Its like when the market thought they could charge $7.69 for cream cheese- they have me by the roids.

Anyway, today I noticed the two women were on the main level of the house rather early…and it appeared they were going to leave at the two hour mark according to my Ring cameras.

When I went into one of the rooms they said was finished, I took one look and asked her to come back into the room.

Me: Did you do this room?

Her: Yes, yes, I do.

Me: Did you wash the floors?

Her: Yes, I wash.

Me: (pointing to the open area in the room that has a spill stain) It doesn’t look like you did. …And I also asked you to move the furniture so you could sweep…. and you didn’t do that either.

Well, back she went into that room to clean (lying bitch) and I parked myself in the adjacent room so I could watch. Moments later, she and her helper were out of that room and walking towards the garage door when I asked if she had cleaned the laundry room.

Her: You want next time?

Me: No, I want now. You have 45 more minutes and if I have to pay for the full 3 hours, then I would like you to move things in here and clean it. Thank you.

Needless to say, while the owner of the company does not want to lose my business, I am sorry, at $60 an hour for someone who doesn’t have a PhD in cleaning from Yale…. she should be working as if her boss was here!!!!

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