Downtown Beirut

I spent three days at Nordstrom Rack and I haven’t been able to get out of bed since. The mere exhaustion from rummaging through their exploding racks to find a matching anything.

Sure, they have some rare finds… if you an actually do find something, but most of their textiles are placed in random areas of the warehouse like shrapnel from a bomb. I combed like lice through rack after rack trying to find clothes for my mom.. and I went there as oppose to TJ Maxx, thinking: Nordstroms/Rack… same thing.

Well it isn’t and who knew that the offense goes to TJ? Never in my life have I felt so low in the barrel, sifting through items, rack after rack after rack… and then standing in some farfakt line.

Worse, my daughter who came for two of the three adventures since she prefers to be with me said, “Naw, I’ll hang back from now on.”

In any event, I did find some nice pieces and even though a few things are too this or that, I told my mother I would rather throw them out than go back another time to exchange or return.

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