What Was That Look?

I’ll tell you. I was learning towards the lace. In fact, I told the maher, “it’s the lace!” But then the Frumas came and I stared at the defining place where one can tell: your hair vs. lace/wig. Keep in mind, both are human hair.

What stood out, and possibly from watching hours and hours of Insta videos of what foreheads look like with lace, was every lace front had the same “triangle” look. While the hair is real and baby hairs get pulled from the wig to resemble as much as it can like one without a wig, at the end of the day… I can always see the poppy seeds on the counter.

So, I looked from the maher to the Fruma to my people… and what we saw was the elephant in the room.

Huh? Okay… think Barbie/Doll hair/hairline … that’s how synthetic wigs look. No matter how $$$ they are, they look like doll hair. Well, the lace started to stand out to me/us like that.

So, this was the look…

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