Sheitel’s choice

So much to say. Yesterday I went back to the shekel maher with my mom, other daughter and my friend who thinks she “swallows” quietly while on the phone, despite knowing its a hard eh eh.

It was time to decide: lace or wig. Now, this post is not the time to school you on the difference, but in the spirit of things: Lace is more expensive because the cap which rests on your head, can essentially see throughish to your own scalp/part and NONE of your hair can show. With lace you have to get “baby” hairs pulled from the wig to create a most authentic hairline. Wig: also in the upper $$$$, can have just a tiny bit of your own hair out in the front, to create a 100% natural look.

Now, I loved the color and style of the wig but the feel of the lace. Sure, I could get the lace, have someone put roots in it to create more of my color, get it cut and styled… but once the maher told me that once the “lace front” gets cut, it wouldn’t feel as snug anymore (what I’d liked), it became a matter of maybe it will fit best, maybe it won’t?

If you know me, decisions are the last thing I like to do and every choice is the wrong one. It wasn’t as easy as say, choosing your engagement ring (Jewish men known to have the women pick it out so they don’t start off in the shit house) where you immediately know, that’s the one. Not like deciding which house to buy or should you change your last name after marriage. I suppose it’s like picking a name for your child. Two great names could be the factor and the kid “looks” like they’d respond to either… both parties love both the names and no, can’t use as a middle. Both names are equally amazing but each one uniquely different…

So, I’d decided on the lace. I thought, I don’t know if I will just color the front of my hair over time if its all being covered and if its less snug, so be it.

…And then, in came Fruma uno.

FU: Maher, is it okay if I have a moment with you?

Maher: (looks to me)

Me: Sure!

Meanwhile, I look over at my gallery who are going back and forth with which I should get, “get the most comfortable…” (as if I remember from moment to moment; both feel okay in a diff way)… we all sort glance at Fruma uno’s lace (all orthodox where only lace or fall wigs with bands).

FU: (looking at us goys (since we’re not orthodox)) What do you think? I feel like it has a “bump”.

Me: (looking) (will mine look like hers?) I don’t see a bump…

PG (peanut gallery): It looks fine to us.

Next, she leaves and I switch wearing (forgot which feeling I like best) the lace/wig on and off when Fruma 2 comes in.

F2: (wearing a scarf) Maher, is it okay if I get my “styled” for shabbat sheitel?

Me: Sure

Maher: Okay…

Meanwhile, I drey back and forth to my people, creating havoc from hemming and hawing (7hr+ total with this maher), over I’m just going to get the lace, I can’t be bothered with pulling out my hair and coloring it… it will look fine one the lace is cut…. and then I see…

F2: (wearing her lace) I think that lace is going to look great on you.

Me: (staring at her forehead, noticing the “baby hair” pull outs to make it look realer) Thanks.

Panic strikes me, I look over at my people and our eyes lock on the same thought, I look back at the maher… who is looking at me, knowing that I am once again in the same situation when I took my son to an endocrinologist who was 5’3… and I say:

I’m going with the wig.

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