The Pool Jogger

A few weeks ago I ordered a pool jogger thingy so that I could run in place. I remember looking at weighted belts that go around one’s waist and I vaguely recall hubby saying, “another waste of money item.”

Anyhow, I could swear I heard Alexa mention a pool jogger being delivered and all I knew was, that I couldn’t wait to try it.

When I saw it I was a little unsure about it- due to its size, but clear thinking and I have broken up so…. I just kept riding it around the pool. Sure, I noticed the dangling rock that weighted down the seat and I noticed there was no “belt,” but again, I was too unaware to question it.

Fast forward to the next time when my sister and I are at the pool, and I notice my jogger on the edge … hubby seemed to have placed it as some sort of make-shift ramp for bugs. Noticing my annoyance, my sister said she would wash it off for me. “Here, nothing’s on it now,” she’d said.

Well yesterday, I went down to the pool and saw my newly cleaned jogger dangling from the side of the pool again!

Me: STOP using my jogger as some bug pad!!

Hubby: That is not a bug pad, that is a ramp for animals that fall into the pool. In fact, today it held a bird.


Hubby: Do I need to pull up the Amazon order and prove to you it’s for animals?

Me: You sure do!

(Well, I am able to sit on it because it fits my tussy and I have been using it)

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