Last Three Slices

Hubby and I play this little game, and I’m curious if any other couples do as well. I call this game, who will cave first?

Almost every time we get pizza, we are faced with the dilemma of should we throw out the last few slices … should we wrap them up, or…why don’t you just finish them?

Now keep in mind, that neither of us should be finishing off anything, but the slices that I’m referring to are from small, individual pizzas … the type our children get, and after two baby slices they get full (lightweights). I could polish off a large pizza… possibly minus 2 slices, so those nuggets could disappear in one bite… like a crocodile.

Anyhow, the other day hubby had his slices, the ladies had their pizzas and I stared and drooled. When the teens left the table hubby said:

Hubby: (Pushing the box of pizza towards me) Here, why don’t you eat these?

Me: (Lying) I’m not hungry.

Hubby: Don’t let them go to waste…

Me: (If you’d get the fuck out of the kitchen, they’d have been gone!) Naw, don’t want.

Hubby: Okay, I’ll just wrap them up.

Me: (It’s been several minutes of this, they’re going to get colder) I could wrap them if you want.

Hubby: Nope, I’ll take care of the kitchen, you go relax.

…Meanwhile, depending on who won the clean-up battle, those slices were swallowed whole the moment the other walked away.

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