Cranial Prosthetic

So, the other day hubby, bubbie, sister and daughter came with me to the sheitel macher after months of dre’ing; I found two beautiful wigs that I instantly loved.

*Now, some of you may be thinking: but your hair looks great; you don’t look like you’ve lost any! Or you may think: but you’ve been having chemo for months and your hair looks fine!

Anyhow, instead of driving to Borough Park or even Jersey, we have our very own shop here and she sells very pretty, human hair. And for a human hair wig, it ranges from @17-98+ depending of course on color, length and how it sits on your head (and from whom you purchase).

Since the macher has to order three specific pieces for my interests… I told my sheitel knowing SIL who told her sheitel wearing sister and the three of us met on FT.

Now, some good things were learned from this convo… like, I had no idea about an alternating wig so that there is less wear and tear. I had no idea there would even be tear…nor that I would have to one day repair the inside when it becomes too loose! Sure I knew about needing to find a shampooer and stylist every two weeks or so, but I thought this was sort of like my watch: one and done.

I also learned about calling my insurance plan to see if perhaps some of their money could go towards my purchase.

Would you believe, I could get a cranial prosthetic for only $30? Certainly I had to do my due diligence before making such an investment and knew immediately which wig I’d choose!

Needless to say… no synthetic prosthetics!

…And by the way, they are sold as is!

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