Road Rage

I could be having a great day (or just good) and the moment I hear someone (Bubbie) chewing – the anger that’s within me instantly flares to the point I could (and often do) scream. *Now interestingly enough, I do have one friend who thinks I don’t hear her swallow her beverage but I don’t always call her out as I do my mother. Furthermore, I both eat and drink…holding the phone away and essentially the same as coving one’s face with a pillow, but with my hands, and my own children scream at me.

Nevertheless, today, as I was driving to an appointment where I was supposed pick up my mother, I continued on my route…passing her building… oblivious to the reason she called me twice in 20 minutes… and after arguing with her that she was supposed to meet me there and I was going to be late, she hung up and drove herself.

Being the Bubbie she is, she didn’t get mad, she just shook it off to my side effects.

Later on, she called me to see how the second appointment went and I heard her trying to quietly eat. Sometimes she will try to eat/drink the way someone trying to deactivate a bomb would… but I always know. Giving my faux pas this morning I let one, maybe two chips go… but the moment we got further into discussion (the part where I talk and she sneaks a bite), I heard the bag crumple and you would have thought someone ma’am’d me.

Thankfully she got another call as I was screaming on my side, stop chewing!

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