Shitz Bath

As if the cancer, bursitis, breaking/thinning hair and hooded eyelids aren’t enough… I have to sit three times a day in a sitz bath so my ass heals.

Now, post-op the port all I have to do is look at my pool and suffer the heat. And that is way better than having to fill up my baggie with water and pray that the other end of the hose doesn’t come loose from the bath spraying my back. Actually that isn’t even the worst part- no, the worst part is sitting in luke warm water and trying to control both my kegel and ass at the same time.

Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to be asking Alexa how much longer on my ass timer while I have to run across to the sink to refill my tubbie because the warm water created the sissy effect and my husband watches in disgust because there are no walls!? Now add a milk dud bobbing up and down as I empty the water into the toilet.

Talk about rock bottom.

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